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Person Centred Software

Person Centred Software provides an innovative mobile solution for evidencing care interactions and care planning, called Mobile Care Monitoring, which is enabling care providers to improve the quality of care they provide. Mobile Care Monitoring has been designed to help at every level, and provides benefits for everyone involved in care.

Care workers use an intuitive mobile app that removes all paperwork, so they have more time to care. Care planning and care provided are integrated, so when care needs change then the whole team are engaged in the changes.

Team leaders are provided with transparency of information and are alerted if care is not meeting service user needs. Charts and reports are automatically compiled directly from the evidenced care, and there are reminders and analysis to ensure nothing gets missed.

Senior management receive group and service location based reporting and analysis to enable the care provided to be measured, and ensure that risks are fully managed.

Mobile Care Monitoring includes a Relatives Gateway enabling friends and family to be engaged with a service user’s care. Relatives Gateway helps maintain relationships across social networks as people transition through changing care needs – bringing benefits to service users and loved ones, as well as sharing information with the care provider.

For further information, please visit www.personcentredsoftware.com


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