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PAT Testing in the Care Home

You don’t need to be an electrician to PAT Test; it can be done by any competent person. By following a instructional DVD or attending a training course. PAT Testing can be done in house using your own staff at a time convenient to you. This gives you many advantages including:

• Testing resident’s personal items as required, day or night.
• Use own, recognised staff.
• Save money and time by testing when convenient.
• Monitor appliances to help with asset management budgeting replacement appliances.

Doing your own PAT Testing, helps to put you back in control, it’s cost effective and makes sure you have covered your health &safety and insurance obligations. By buying a PAT Tester from a reliable supplier you will get also free support and advice. PAT Testing kits are a cost effective solution, supplied with everything you need to start PAT Testing.

For further information, call 01392 364933 or visit www.parker-bell.co.uk


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