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Oxford® Midi: The ‘Gold Standard’ In Care

The Oxford Midi patient lift is ideally suited to nursing home environments where our products have been leading the way for many years.

The compact Midi incorporates a state-of-the-art, on-board diagnostic controller providing invaluable operational data via the integrated LCD display. The intelligent system reminds the user to schedule key maintenance routines, and understand if the lift has been overloaded during use. It also offers one of the industry’s most ethical lift cycle counts.

So what is a full lift cycle? There is debate and confusion surrounding this topic. The Oxford Smart™ Monitor records a lift cycle only when the lift’s actuator has accumulated the precise amount of work necessary for one complete lift (a full up and down actuation) at maximum safe working load. Coupled with a manufacturer recommended 40,000 lift cycle actuator service life and a full 5 year standard warranty, you can rest assured that your Oxford Midi will achieve a significantly longer service life and reduced maintenance costs – true and justified value!

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