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Office For Market Access

One of NICE’s jobs is to work out the clinical and cost-effectiveness of drugs and treatments to ensure the NHS in England gets value for the money it spends and patients get the best possible treatments.

NICE also has an important role in creating the environment in which the faster development and delivery of new, effective, innovative and affordable drugs to patients is encouraged and enabled. The launch of a new Office for Market Access will play a key role in this.

“We think the Office for Market Access – or OMA – will help in minimising the risk for companies, and improve the rates at which drugs get picked up and adopted by the NHS,” said Professor Halsam.

“OMA will speed up the adoption of innovative, cost-effective health technologies. Of course, consulting OMA will not guarantee a positive appraisal but it will be extremely helpful to companies in gathering the right evidence, developing a better business case and engaging with the right people.

“OMA will sit alongside the important work being done as part of the government’s Accelerated Access Review under the leadership of the minister for Life Sciences George Freeman. This review is intended to help clear a path through the regulatory landscape for new technologies to get to patients quicker.

“NICE has a role to play, not only enabling the NHS to be a world-leader in the efficient adoption of new technologies, but also in fostering innovation and growth in the UK’s life science industries.”


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