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Nutilis Clear from Nutricia

Nutilis_ClearHRModifying the texture of fluids can alter their original appearance and taste, which may reduce compliance and fluid intake. Fluid intake is notoriously poor in patients requiring thickened fluids, therefore It could be hypothesized that a thickened drink which maintains its original appearance may be more appealing to patients and thus support compliance.

With this in mind, Nutricia launched Nutilis Clear; a xanthan gum based thickening powder, which can be used to modify the texture of both food and fluids. Nutilis Clear is a thickener which produces visibly clear results when mixed according to instructions and is designed to maintain the original appearance of fluids.

Nutilis Clear thickens rapidly and does not continue to thicken. Additionally it has amylase resistant features to protect against the action of salivary amylase, which helps to ensure a safer swallow by maintaining correct consistency in the mouth. Incorrect consistency of a thickened product during consumption may result in the patient having poorer control of the bolus putting them at increased risk of aspiration; therefore the amylase resistant features of Nutilis Clear promotes safer swallowing.

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