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nursecallshopThe Nursecall Shop brings you everything from accessories to complete systems for all your Nursecall needs. Whether you are looking for an accessory for your existing system or a complete new solution.

Proving popular is the new DIY, i2 Wireless Nurse Call System designed for small, independent Care Homes. The i2 system provides a fully featured professional Nursecall System at an affordable price.

Using an innovative approach, by removing the need of an expensive central controller and giving each call point full control, the result is a system that is not only more affordable but also more robust.

Each time a Call Point on the i2 System is activated, it transmits the message, containing all the necessary information, directly to a Pager or Display.

One Call Point and One Pager is all it takes to start a system! Use code Carer15 for a 15% discount.

See www.nursecallshop.co.uk for full details.


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