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Nursecall from KAM Systems

KAM_AD_Care_Show18_2KAM Systems Limited have been supplying Nurse Call solutions to the care industry for many years and prides itself in listening to customer needs.

Managing Director Harpal Momi explains, ‘we were being asked by care home managers for a small device that could be set to automatically remind care staff, providing end of life care, to attend to a resident at timed intervals. We decided that connecting a device to the existing nursecall system would be the best way of alerting staff.’

The Periodic Check Unit (PCU), when connected to the existing Nursecall unit in the room, will automatically initiate an alarm after the pre-set period interval. There are seven timed interval settings, from 15 minutes through to 90 minutes. T1 and T2 options are timed at 2 hours and 4 hours however, these can be customised at time of order.

The PCU accurately keeps time and takes that pressure away from care staff and the nursecall will continue to sound until someone attends. In situations where there isn’t a nursecall unit to connect to, the PCU has the option of being able to send a message to a pager. The PCU is also useful when trying to hydrate a resident and offers a timely reminder to care staff.

For further information please visit www.kamsystems.co.uk


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