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Nurse Call from Aid Call

Aid Call’s newest nurse call solution, the Touchsafe Pro, has been developed in response to the changing needs of the healthcare sector and recognises the growing prevalence of Alzheimers and Dementia amongst our aging population.

Our nurse call systems are designed to reduce response times to emergency calls, improve the standard of these responses by increasing the amount of information available to carers and to facilitate the care of those with more complex care needs. It encourages better communication and reassures residents, and their families, that help is always nearby.

Features such as the dementia clock and easy-to-use reminder calls can assist more vulnerable residents and an all-encompassing call logging system will monitor staff performance. We also offer a silent paging system which has proven to be of huge benefit on dementia wings, where loud alarms can cause undue distress.

Additionally, the systems’ peripheral devices and assistive technology help carers to support falls management, learning difficulties and dementia. They facilitate greater independence, provide preventative as well as reactive care and mean the system benefits those without the necessary cognitive ability to utilise a conventional nurse call system.

For more information visit www.aidcall.co.uk or contact sales@aidcall.co.uk


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