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Not Enough People Willing To Work In The Care Sector? It’s Just A Myth!

In November, I attended the Northern Long Term Care conference in Leeds. It was a great event and I met some inspirational people that are working hard to improve care delivery in the UK. There was one challenge that everyone wanted to talk about though; Recruitment & Staffing issues.

Attracting the right people and then successfully managing the recruitment process efficiently is a real struggle for most busy Care Home Managers and Owners. It’s hard to write compelling job adverts and then find the time to research which channels will produce the best results when you’ve got 101 other things to do.

Recent information from the National Minimum Data Set (NMDS) suggests there are 85,000 open vacancies every single day, which is great news if you run a staffing agency. High agency costs combined with the challenge of finding the right people to fill your vacancies not only eat away your profits, they affect the CQC’s view of your ability to deliver continuity and quality of care. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Six weeks ago, The Care Hub ran a pilot project with CareTech Community Services Ltd. 36 vacancies from various locations around the UK were advertised and managed via our online platform, since then we’ve generated some amazing results.

CareTech have received over a thousand applicants with a third suitable for the advertised role and another 13% for different roles across the business. That’s 456 suitable candidates for just 36 jobs and I know we’re just scratching the surface. So, not enough people willing to work in care? Over a thousand applicants in just six weeks tells you that it’s just a myth.

Our mission at The Care Hub is to help Care Home providers of all sizes, take control of their recruitment and cut their agency spend. Our system allows you to easily place ads, manage your recruitment process and generate better candidates, in just a few clicks.

Article by
Scott Sherriden
Managing Director
The Care Hub


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