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New Guardian Handrails from Yeoman Shield

Yeoman Shield help all kinds of businesses improve the longevity of their interiors, equipment and provide a low cost way of maintaining fire door safety.

From bump rails and bollards through to wall protection panels and replacement fire door seals, learn how we can help you to reduce your maintenance costs.

We’ve extended our Yeoman Shield Guardian Handrail Range with an innovative new product.

The 50mm Dia. PVCu Handrail comes in a range of 10 colours with either matching or contrasting accessories. We also offer a Timber and Stainless Steel Handrail on Cream PVCu underslung brackets with Stainless Steel accessories. The Twin Handrail offers support whilst protecting both the rail and wall surfaces against impact damage.

For a FREE brochure call 0113 279 5854 or email guardian@yeomanshield.com | www.yeomanshield.com


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