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New Dysphagic Meal Cubes, Giving You Versatility For Your Residents

nourisher-logoDifficulty with swallowing in the elderly is common place, almost any condition that produces any muscle weakness or any condition that is associated with a neurological impairment of the swallowing mechanism can produce a swallowing disorder. Difficulty with swallowing is most often a symptom of an underlying condition rather than a primary disorder.

One of the major consquences of dysphagia is malnutrition. The inability to coordinate the complex mechancism of swallowing, which slows down eating and can result in food being left in the mouth, or a meal being unfinished and therefore a reduction in all relevant nourishment from food and fluid. Consistency of product texture therefore is of paramount importance to ensure safety and to prevent choking.

Nourish is a new brand of dysphagic food that not only gives you a consistent quality and nutrient density but allows a flexibility with the dysphagic consumer, that hasn’t been offered before into the Care Home Sector, and developed by our own trained Dietitian.

The product comes to you as 25gm portions (12 cubes would give you a 300gm meal), each recipe is delivered in an individual resealable pouch. You have the flexibility to create the meal size that is appropriate for your consumer. It is a frozen product and can be served from the freezer to the consumer within minutes, preparation is swift and uncomplicated.

This flexibility allows you to serve a dysphagic meal with any combination of accompaniments and also reduces wastage. Only serve what you believe the consumer will eat. There are 12 protein recipes including meat, fish and vegetarian options; 8 vegetables including peas, broccoli, baked beans and butternut squash; and 2 carbohydrates, mashed potato and rice hash. We are also happy to work with the industry to produce snacks, puddings and drinks.
Nourish is kind to your budget, produced by Nourisher Food & Drinks Ltd, in a BRC AA grade factory in Southampton with the best quality ingredients, serve only what your resident needs, no fancy packaging and straight from the freezer to the plate. It is simple, economical and reduces the requirement for expensive and skilled labour. It’s competetive pricing plays an enormous advantage on the strict budget of the care home sector and improves the offering to the consumer; increasing the day to day menu choice and reducing menu fatigue.

Contact Jane Stobie 07710 400467 / 02380 664100.
Nourisher Food & Drinks Ltd, Southampton SO40 3SZ


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