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Need To Improve Your Rating In Your Next CQC Inspection?

Whitehall-Training-Advert-ImageA recent study by the CLG Committee found that 27% of care staff have no dementia training and 24% have administered medication without adequate training. This is a symptom of insufficient training across the care sector. It is not unsurprising then that 1 in 5 care homes in the UK are currently rated by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) as either “requires improvement” or “inadequate”.

You can ensure that you are not part of this 1 in 5 with Whitehall Training’s online care courses. Our easy to use system lets you track the progress of multiple learners and quickly produce reports, enabling you to consistently monitor the quality of care that your staff provide.

The flexible nature of our online courses means that training can be done anywhere and at any time, freeing up more time for staff to respond to residents’ needs during work hours.

Our expert written courses cover all the subjects you need, so you can guarantee your staff will be trained to deliver effective care upon completion.

To see how we can transform your training at a competitive price visit www.whitehalltraining.com, phone us on 0207 099 7432 or email enquiries@whitehalltraining.net.


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