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NCF Responds to the Report on the Long Term Funding of Social Care

NCFThe NCF has welcomed the joint report of the Health and Social Care and Housing, Communities and Local Government committees. The report seeks to offer a framework for the long term funding of the sector, and makes some bold and ambitious statements around the development of a social care system where care would be provided free at the point of need.

Vic Rayner says of the report;

“This report goes a long way towards bringing together a framework for the long term funding of social care and crucially recognises the need to bring together solutions that address the long term care of both older and working age adults. It recognises that the system we currently have is not adequately supporting the needs of our current population, never mind the emerging needs of future generations.”

Vic goes on to say;

“Whilst there will need to be a full debate on the solutions proffered, it is vitally important to recognise that this report has been produced through a cross party committee, giving hope that future government analysis of the health and social care systems promised for the autumn will build on the bold agenda outlined for the provision of a national care service.”

Finally Vic states;

“The report, whilst focused on the long term funding of the system, acknowledges the immediate financial and system wide crisis facing the social care sector. It draws on the evidence produced through numerous bodies of the current shortfall in funding. The government needs to act now to invest in the short term future of social care in order to both support those in immediate need, and to secure a stable sector to meet these ambitious plans laid out for the future of long term care.”


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