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NCF Responds To Proposed Changes To CQC Fee Payment Scheme

NCF LogoNCF predicts ‘consternation and indignation’ in response to CQC announcement on a rise in fees

“CQC’s proposal to significantly increase regulatory fees in response to government policy for full cost recovery comes at a particularly challenging time for the adult social care sector,” says Des Kelly OBE, NCF Executive Director.

Des Kelly continued:

“NCF has been represented on CQC’s advisory panel where we have had the opportunity to express our concern that any fee increases are both proportionate and fair. Unfortunately our previous experience of responding to such consultations has been less than positive. 

Nevertheless we will now be consulting with our members and supporting them in responding to CQC. However I can predict before the process starts that there will be consternation and indignation at a 10+% increase in regulatory fees at a time when providers are facing a barrage of additional costs.”


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