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Medpac – Practical Bags

medpacMedpac – practical bags specifically designed for carrying and storing prescribed and emergency medicines with personal photo identification.

Medpac lets you store and transport medicines safely, allows you to easily identify the correct medicine for the correct person and saves time for staff by clearly displaying expiry dates of medicines.

Every Medpac comes complete with a Medpac Photo ID and a Medpac Treatment Card to enable you to write clear instructions on how to use the medication, a treatment plan and additional emergency phone numbers.

Ideal for all medications including diabetic medication.

In summary Medpac is designed to:

• Store medicines safely and efficiently
• Easily identify correct medicine for correct person
• Save vital time in an emergency
• Display expiry dates to save time for staff

Ideal for outings, hospital visits both planned and emergency and respite care.
Medpac Wristbands are also available, waterproof and latex free they help to highlight wearer is carrying emergency medication.

To discover more about this innovative range of products visit www.medpac.co.uk and see how Medpac could change the way you store the medicines in your care home.

You can order online at www.medpac.co.uk or please email sales@medpac.co.uk or call 0845 0739430 to discuss bulk buying discounts.


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