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MediRead Medical Bracelets

MediRead is a London-based start-up that has developed an innovative medical bracelet, intended for use by anyone with medical conditions, both in care homes as well as other settings. The MediRead bracelet allows the wearer’s medical details to be viewed simply by scanning with a smartphone. There is no number to call or website to go on to as the data is stored physically on the bracelet. They will even work if mobile signals are non-existent and there is no internet connectivity.

The bracelets are light, waterproof, durable and do not require a battery. They are cost-effective too, with no ongoing subscription fees.

MediRead bracelets can augment existing care home protocols and can reduce the possibility, however remote, of medication errors. The data is available even if central records are not accessible for any reason, thus providing an additional safety net. They can also be useful during handovers or when there are temporary staff catering to the needs of the residents. Should residents leave the premises for any reason, the vital information on these bracelets is potentially life-saving in case of an emergency.

These bracelets can improve communication between multi-disciplinary teams such as district nurses, paramedics and hospital staff, as all of them will have access to the same vital information instantly. They can also help when visiting doctors change prescriptions, as these can be updated immediately on the bracelets and emailed across to the GP surgery as well as to the home.

The MediRead bracelet can also be a boon when care is being provided at home, especially if different carers visiting the same patient. In one-to-one care scenarios, a reminders function in the app helps ensure that the correct medication schedule is being adhered to. The email function allows the wearer’s medical details to be sent to a doctor in a matter of seconds during remote consultations, saving time and reducing errors.

For more information, please email hello@mediread.co.uk, call 02034883366 or visit our website at www.mediread.com.


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