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LifeVac – Giving Peace of Mind Whilst Saving Lives

Lifevac-TopLifeVac is a revolutionary new anti choking device. 99.9% effective, classified as a class1 medical device, MHRA approved, FDA approved and CE accredited.

Pregnant women, disability, obesity, the elderly, a long with people diagnosed with a Neurological Diseases are just a few reasons for not being able to receive the abdominal thrust and back blows.

Sadly choking is the third leading cause of death in children, 2500 people die a year from choking, 15,000 cases are treated each year in A&E and 400 million people world wide with a swallowing difficulty.

LifeVac was invented to end these sad cases and give peace of mind.

LifeVac has a patented one way valve so when applied does not push the blockage down but when pulled creates three times more pressure than the abdominal thrust and chest compressions with no risk to the casualty. Available in the UK and throughout Europe. Help us save thousands of lives each year.

Visit www.lifevac.eu


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