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Less Paperwork And More Time For Care

We can now deliver the care and spend time with the residents, which is what everyone of us goes into care for.” Registered Manager, Gemma Broth

This is the conclusion reached by Orton Manor Nursing Home after choosing Sekoia as their digital care planning tool.

In 2016 Orton Manor, just outside Birmingham took a step forward on to the digital path saying goodbye to their paper records. The carers at Orton Manor faced the classic challenges of completing heaps of paperwork, instead of delivering care and spending time with the residents.

Sekoia’s most important feature is how user-friendly it is. Together with its touch-screen technology and range of apps, Sekoia makes it easy for any carer to complete basic documentation or access residents care plans. Director Shahzada Ahmed lets us in on his thoughts going “paperless”:

“I wanted something more, something that would integrate the different platforms into something that would be much more user-friendly, so that my carers were using the technology to be able to deliver a much higher standard of care, to give more care time, to free their time up.”

The carers are delivering a more personalised service. Shahzada Ahmed has noticed this change:

“I have seen measureable return on investment for me, I have held resident meetings, family meetings and I have seen significant changes in families and residents noticing much greater time that is allowed in direct contact from carers and service-users without the need for duplicating paperwork.”

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