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Lack Of Social Care Funding Will Have Devastating Impact On NHS

Care-and-Support-AllianceThe Care and Support Alliance has released the following statement in reference to today’s report from the Nuffield Trust highlighting the problems faced by the NHS this winter unless there are more beds in care homes and other community settings.

Vicky McDermott, chair of the Care and Support Alliance, said: “The Care and Support Alliance has been a constant voice about how a lack of real investment in social care will have a devastating impact on our NHS.

“We stressed this in no uncertain terms prior to the Chancellor’s Spending Review. But the voices of our members, partner organisations and, most importantly, the vulnerable people and their carers that we represent were ignored.

“This latest report adds to the wealth of evidence which makes greater investment in social care one of the biggest priorities in today’s society.

“More money needs to be pumped in to pay for more beds in care homes and the community as well as greater social care support throughout.

“Without it, older and disabled people will simply not get the basic care that everyone deserves and the knock-on problems for our hospitals will only get worse.”

The Care and Support Alliance represents more than 75 of Britain’s leading charities campaigning alongside the millions of older people, disabled people and their carers who deserve decent care.


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