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Keep Residents Infection-Free This Summer with Good Hand Hygiene

Nursing and residential care organisations need to focus on adopting good hand hygiene routines this summer to prevent the spread of infection and illness among its residents.

“Fluctuations in temperatures can lead to an increase in the number of infection outbreaks,” says Manty Stanley, managing director at TEAL Patents. “Whilst not all infections are life threatening, extra precautions must be taken to protect those with weaker immune systems.
“Washing hands with soap under running, warm water is the gold standard in hand hygiene and does more than any gel or wipe to prevent the spread of infection. If it is just a question of access to running water, TEAL has the solution.

“A TEAL portable hand wash unit overcomes every logistical challenge, as many of the units work without mains water supply or drainage.”
TEAL Patents is the world-leader in the design and manufacture of portable, hot water, hand wash units which work independently of mains water and sewage.

Working with nursing and residential care organisations for over 10 years, TEAL has developed a range of units specifically for operation in nursing and care home environments to ensure hand wash facilities are available at the point of need.

TEAL’s range includes the WashStand and the PatientWash. Fully portable, they can be taken directly to residents or an area most at risk.
All TEAL units are available to buy or hire for delivery to an address in the UK within 24 hours.

For further information, please visit:
W: www.tealwash.com
T: 0121 770 0593
E: enquiries@tealwash.com


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