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Juno Telecoms – A One Stop Shop

We offer a complete healthcare communication solution for patients, residents, nurses/carers and management. Integrating nurse call, nurse notification, telephony applications along with IP and DECT wireless handsets offers a one stop solution for all healthcare environments such as Assisted Living, Long Term Care and Acute Care facilities.

In many cases differing technologies are supplied by different suppliers. They are sometimes connected to each other but mostly not fully integrated. Healthcare & Care home staff depend on different suppliers and support staff to manage a partially integrated solution, leading to delays in delivering care.

Juno addresses this challenge by providing a real one stop shop solution for the complete care communications system, including nurse call, notification and telephony. A truly integrated solution resulting in faster response times by nursing staff; accurate logging and recording of all events; and one single point of contact for technical support who can remotely access call units, the notification server and the phone system in order to program, diagnose or change any settings.

For further information:
T: 01332 412 251
E: enquiries@junotelecoms.co.uk


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