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Improve Your Quality and Quantity of Care Records by Recording Care Electronically

Mobile Care Monitoring (MCM) is an intelligent mobile solution for evidencing care interactions, electronic care planning and reporting from Person Centred Software. MCM reduces paperwork and gives carers more time to care. Staff delivering care have at least an hour more per shift to spend with residents compared with maintaining handwritten paper records. By saving carers’ time on documentation, MCM also improves care quality and the care cycle overall.

Bradbury House in Beaconsfield wanted to improve their quality of care and for their care records to reflect their quality of care. They moved from recording care on paper to Mobile Care Monitoring in 2017. Care staff use mobile handheld devices to capture all the elements of a resident’s care quickly and efficiently using the MCM Care App that feeds into a management reporting system. Andrew Cantelo, the deputy manager at Bradbury House, has seen many benefits to using the system. He says, ‘Care records are now accurate and up-to-date; the quantity and quality of care records has improved dramatically. Care staff and managers have live information at their fingertips and they are confident and equipped with information to make decisions to improve quality of care.’

Mobile Care Monitoring ensures that information is known and visible for everyone involved in care. The MCM Care App is an icon-driven user interface, which makes the system intuitive for care staff to record more care. Staff can easily personalise care notes for each resident and scenario, without relying on default statements. This ensures that staff spend less time on documentation but capture a far greater amount of personalised information. Managers can easily look back at information from any time through the reporting and monitoring function without having to go hunting for data within the system. By making information available and accessible, care providers can ensure that they provide the best quality care to residents.

Mobile Care Monitoring supports CQC inspections, including the new technology KLOEs, and help providers to be recognised for innovative, transparent and person-centred care. Of 600 care homes using Mobile Care Monitoring, 5% of care homes are rated outstanding by CQC, compared to 2% nationally. Person Centred Software’s philosophy is person-centred; providing benefits to everyone involved in care by delivering exceptional tools.

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