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HotmixHome– The affordable ‘Essential’ in every Caring kitchen

  • barbelAre your frail patients missing out?
  • Are you struggling when producing therapeutic and texture modified diets?
  • Are you maintaining appetising flavour and colour of fresh ingredients?

Safe -The 2 litre heavy usage mixing bowl sits within a fully insulated stainless steel casing

Easy to Clean – Dishwasher proof mixing bowl

Self-Sterilising – Temperature range from 25° – 145°

Easy to Use – Operates exactly to programme at a touch of a finger

Efficient -Speed range from 0 -12’500 rpm allows blending, small and large amounts, to just the right texture

Financial Benefits – Precise temperature setting dramatically reduces waste by maximising nutritional values

Speedy Recovery – Vitamin rich, tasty food helps your residents to regain strength and sustain their best health levels

HotmixHome is the essential support for every conscientious dietician or cook

Limited Space or Limited Budget?

HotmixHome will be YOUR answer – just ask!

Bon Appetite!


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