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Hebden Bed Range For Nursing and Residential Care Homes

Further expanding the range of electrically operated, fully profiling beds developed specifically for nursing and residential care homes, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare offers five variable height nursing care beds designed around the developing requirements of this market.

The Hebden beds provide a comprehensive portfolio of functions developed specifically to meet the needs of nursing and residential care home applications, complemented by an attractive domestic appearance with high quality covered wooden head and foot ends available in a range of wood colour options.

Hebden beds offer versatile and practical solutions. The variable height mattress platform descends smoothly from 85cm to 27.5cm, facilitating client access and easing the work of the carer by reducing the need for lifting and handling. With an underbed clearance of 29cm to the underside of the frame, hoist access is not impeded. Full length integral wooden side rails are included, which can be released at both head and foot ends for safety and convenience.

Hebden beds include an infinitely variable tilt function, with head down tilt from 0 – 15º and foot down tilt from 0 – 18º in line with nursing practices. The beds are easy to move, assemble and disassemble even where space for manouevre is limited, offering safe, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing options for use in nursing and residential care homes.

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