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Great Feedback From The South West Expo Hosted By CLH

The CLH team held their first care expo since 2010 at Sandy Park Conference Centre in Exeter last month. Running from Wednesday 14th March to Thursday 15th March, this two day event was an incredible success.

The purpose of the event was to promote awareness of the wide range of healthcare products available from CLH and the suppliers that are used, in addition to educating on how each product range should be safely and effectively used.

Care professionals, industry experts, and healthcare suppliers travelled from across the country to attend.

Although the #CLHExpo2018 was a professional industry event, it was also a fun and enjoyable couple of days that were valued by all.

Not only did the expo promote a wide range of specialist products and offer training on those products, many exhibitors in attendance offered deals, raffle prizes, discounts and live demonstrations.

Comments from attendees were, “Presentation and welcome was outstanding”, “My staff enjoyed finding out about different and up to date equipment and coming back with new ideas” and “Excellent knowledge & demonstration of the particular items I was looking for”.

For more details or to contact CLH Healthcare check out www.clhgroup.co.uk/clhexpo2018 for more info.


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