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Giorik Easyair Combi Joins Euro Catering’s Product ‘Starfleet’

Euro Catering has announced the arrival of another star product within its extensive portfolio – the brand new, intuitive Giorik Easyair Combi oven.

Dealers nationwide are already taking advantage of the opportunity to find out more about this latest oven from Italian masters, Giorik, by booking themselves a site visit to Euro Catering’s headquarters in Daventry, or to its development kitchen in Lutterworth. The price of the unit is placed very competitively in the marketplace.

The Giorik Easyair Combi is hot-off Giorik’s production line in Veneto, Northern Italy and is creating waves across Europe, as a medium-duty combi oven that accepts data via a USB port making it easy to upload recipes, up to 99 pre-set menus can be stored!

As the catering industry will see, Giorik has achieved its mission of providing The Easyair. It makes Giorik combis up to date with the increasing modern technology. It is also stackable two-high, using a stacking kit.

Available in both gas and electric, it has programmable touchscreen controls and nine phases of cooking are available in each programme. It will give the operator the flexibility of multi-shelf cooking, supported by individual timers, and also offers Delta T cooking, including a core probe as standard.

The Easyair has four cooking modes: hot air only; hot air with adjustable humidity (particularly good for baking); steam only, or combination cooking.

When it comes to clean-down, it has the inbuilt automatic wash programme with a choice of three wash cycles – soft, medium or hard. It also facilitates cleaning by having a double-glazed door with inner door opening, radiused inner corners and removable oven racks.

With a cook and hold function, LED lighting, and automatic fan rotation from a 3-speed cooking fan – for even cooking and consistent results – it offers all to any catering operation.

Euro Catering’s sales director, Justin Towns, says: “We are delighted to welcome the GIorik Easyair Combi to our starfleet of equipment. This is set to be a hugely popular combi oven, because of the variety of kitchens that it will suit and thanks to the peace of mind of knowing it comes with a 24-month labour and parts warranty, from a manufacturer with 25 years’ experience. It definitely holds the recipe for success.”
More details can be found at www.euro-catering.co.uk and enquiries about dealer visits can be made on 01455 559969 or by emailing sales@euro-catering.co.uk


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