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Getting The Right Mattresses At The Right Time

spearhead-logoDemand for space within care homes is on the rise and with that comes the problem of being able to plan for the number of beds you may need, as well as the specific mattress type needed for each patient. With the rise in temporary bariatric care in Care Homes being a prime example, being flexible and responsive has never been more important.

Renting a mattress gives you the opportunity to cater to all patients at short notice, saving you money and taking away the stress of the unpredictability of patient intake by giving you flexible options.

Rental contracts available from Spearhead include a deep clean and maintenance service which mean you no longer need to worry about your mattresses meeting health and safety standards, as well as offering a range of mattresses suitable for whatever your market throws at you.

Renting with Spearhead includes:

• Rapid breakdown response
• Work carried out by trained technicians
• In-house Spearhead Technicians, you’ll always be dealing direct
• Transparent and clear reporting of results
Ensure your patients are comfortable and provided with the best possible care from their mattress by taking advantage of the rental service with repair contracts provided by Spearhead Health Care. Call 0345 180 1800 to find out more.


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