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Geopace Training

Geopace Training has a nationwide reputation for teaching phlebotomy to the highest of standards – students travel from across the country and even internationally to be trained by experienced by Geopace tutors.

Each class lasts two full days and at the end of the course students will have attained a recognised qualification. Students need no prior experience and come from all walks of life. The Introduction to Phlebotomy Course provides a very thorough grounding in both theory and practical elements and teaches up to the point of “live blood draws”.

Geopace instructors are some of the most experienced in the industry and the training programme is constantly updated to keep up with new developments and changes, so students receive the most current information and training available.

The course is very “hands-on”, practicing on artificial arms offering a choice of veins to perform venepuncture. There is also a theory element although there are no exams at the end. Students complete modules as they progress through the course and it’s almost impossible to fail! Once completed the course awards a nationally recognised and accredited certificate in phlebotomy (accredited at Level 3 – advanced).

For more information visit the Geopace Training website at: www.geopace.com


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