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Free Fire Door Seminar For Care Home Owners and FMs

Care home owners, managers and facilities managers can now access fire door training from HOPPE UK.

Fire doors are a life-saving feature in any building, but in a care home they give residents and members of staff vital protection in the event of a fire. Fire doors are designed to hold back flames and smoke allowing evacuation and access routes to remain clear for fire and rescue services.

In order to withstand fire, a fire door should be third party certificated through a scheme such as BWF-Certifire and must be fitted with correctly specified ironmongery including specific hinges, handles, locks and signage.

In support of Fire Door Safety Week, HOPPE UK is offering care home staff a CPD seminar focussing on ironmongery on fire and escape doors, delivered in-house by one of its technical experts to help staff understand the critical role of fire doors and the importance of correctly specified door hardware.

The RIBA approved seminar covers: the role of fire and escape doors; the appropriate hardware to use; maintenance and inspection of ironmongery on fire and escape doors and the consequences of ignoring risk.

To book a free CPD session, call Andy Matthews head of sales for HOPPE (UK), on 01902 484 439 or email andy.matthews@hoppe.com.


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