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Flowers Make Us Feel Good!

Wellbeing is at the forefront of care home agendas. A regular dose of nature is widely accepted to contribute to wellbeing.

However, it can sometimes be hard to get out and about. A way to ‘bring the outside in’ is to enjoy having flowers in the home. A Harvard study found that being close to flowers at home reduced people’s feelings of anxiety and depression, increased feelings of kindness and compassion, and had an overall positive impact on wellbeing.

A study by Rutgers University involving senior citizens being given different gifts, showed that receiving flowers had lasting positive effects on moods. Those receiving flowers reporting a decrease in depression, a widening of social contact and even scoring more highly on memory tests compared with those who received alternate gifts.

MeadowSweet lovingly creates posies of British, seasonal flowers with a different design each week. Tailor-made for the care home sector, fresh flowers arrive boxed and already arranged in a vase of water. They are perfect to display by a bedside or on a coffee table. Packaging, vases and green waste are reused and recycled at each delivery.

If you’d like to offer a regular flower service to residents in your premier rooms, or if you are looking for a thoughtful gift for a loved one, why not take a look at our MeadowSweet posy subscription service. Our beautiful flowers are full of fragrance and nostalgia and are guaranteed to brighten both the room and the spirits! Currently available in Bournemouth, Poole and East Dorset.  www.meadowsweet.co.uk


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