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Flexible, Versatile, Accessible Minibuses

Red Kite manufacture, supply and service, safe, reliable 9 –17 Wheelchair Accessible Minibuses for customers across Great Britain. For over 35 years your safety and the safety of your passengers has been at the forefront of our supply process. Working from your instruction or with our Specialist Vehicle Option Team, customers can choose their new or pre-owned accessible vehicle from any of the leading manufacturers. We offer 1 – 5 wheelchair positions complemented by flexible seating plans to suit your particular requirements.

To help optimise the use from your Accessible Minibus we provide a complete range of specialist mobility options including wheelchair tail lifts, ramps, lowering suspension, individual wheelchair/seat track and securing systems, high visibility trim, quick release seat systems plus secure storage for medication and respiratory equipment.

Comprehensive customer choice:

All the leading manufacturers available
• Designed to carry single or multiple wheelchair occupants (1-5) in comfort and safety
• B Licence and D1 Licence Driver options
• Powered tail lifts or ramp systems
• Exterior and interior finish to your specification
• All vehicles meet or exceed current safety regulations
• 9, 10, 12, 14, 15 and 17 versatile seat configurations
• Internal seats can be easily adjusted or even removed
• Hideaway, rear under floor wheelchair lifts
• A range of platforms available from the leading manufacturers
• Lowering suspension option if required
• Both manual and electrically powered side step options
• Additional grab handles and stanchions
• High visibility internal finishes available

Optional accessories include:

• Livery, Reverse sensor/camera, Dash Cameras and WiFi,
• Tachograph, Tracker system, High visibility, easy maintenance, Innotrax flooring system
• Dedicated storage for walking frames and non-occupied wheelchairs
• Removable and/or folding seats can be specified with three or four point seat belts

To assist with your purchase we have available a wide choice of financial options to choose from including Lease and Purchase Plans as well as the traditional outright purchase. Contract Hire is now a popular choice for many organisations, allowing a fixed monthly rental to be set aside and with the exception of fuel and insurance, no additional costs are required, spreading the cost of your accessible minibus over 3 –5 years but at a manageable monthly figure, freeing up valuable budget.

For a quotation, demonstration or to talk through your particular requirements, contact us now on 01202 827678 or email sales@redkite-minibuses.com


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