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Farmer Eileen Marks Her 100th With Care Home Party

LIFELONG Chesterfield resident Eileen Reed celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends at Holmewood Care Home.

The centenarian was joined by her sons, grandchildren and great grandchildren for the day, as staff at the home hosted a party to mark the milestone.

Eileen moved to Holmewood Care Home, on Barnfield Close, in 2014, after living on The Hill, Glapwell, her entire married life.

Born on 27th July 1917, she met John Reed at a dance hall in Glapwell. They later married in 1944 at St George’s Church, Sheffield.

Eileen worked on the couple’s farm for most of her working life, selling produce and livestock at the Market Garden, at Oxcroft Estate.

They were together for 53 years before John passed away in 1997, aged 80.

Their two children, Chris and Peter, as well as two grandchildren and two great grandchildren visited the home to celebrate Eileen’s birthday with friends and staff.

She said: “I had a wonderful day. It was very kind of everyone to visit. It was lovely to see them all.”

Kathleen Richardson, home manager at Holmewood Care Home, said: “Eileen only joined us three-and-a-half-years ago, when she was 97.

“She has been an absolute joy to care for and it has been brilliant celebrating her 100th birthday.

“It’s an absolute and a privilege to welcome her beautiful family at the home, who brought a delicious cake for Eileen to enjoy.

“It was a fantastic day for a great lady.”


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