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Face-To-Face Training For Social Care Staff

focusgames93% of the social care workforce want more face-to-face training, according to a 2017 Health Education England survey. Our educational board games make face-to-face training cost-effective and convenient for care homes.

Cost effective: no expensive trainer is needed because game sessions can be run by anyone. Everything you need is in the box. Games are played by up to 12 people at a time and can be reused with different groups or played again to refresh knowledge. This makes the cost per person extremely low. 

Convenient: games can be used in the workplace. There is no need to send staff offsite or hire specialist trainers, disrupting rotas and incurring cost. Play and learn with a game whenever it’s convenient.

We offer a variety of games for staff training, they cover topics such as dysphagia management, improving nutrition and hydration, pressure ulcers, infection control and the Care Certificate, all of which you can see at www.focusgames.com

For an exclusive 15% discount just for readers of The Carer, visit www.carer.focusgames.com


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