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Euroservice Trolleys

Wheel in the trolley with those lovely treats and everyone’s eyes will light up. Whether it is a hot drink from the tea trolley or a mouth watering cream tea the chilled sweet trolley, you will delight residents and guests alike with your Classy looking Euroservice trolley. Residents will eagerly await the arrival of their lovely trolley laden with all sorts of treats making them feel so special.

Your euroservice trolley will save you time and money,It will be a reliable and cost effective way to give your elderly residents that extra special excellence in service, which  they deserve.

It will also meet with the demanding health and hygiene regulations . So why not call one of our experienced sales staff today and discuss you requirements.

At euroservice, we are here to add a touch of class to your service and give you the edge over your competitors by offering you the best value money can buy in the world of service trolleys.

Freephone: 0800 917 7943, email sales@euroservice-uk.com or visit www.euroservice-uk.com


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