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Enhancing the TV/Radio Experience Assistive Listening Devices for Hearing Loss

There are over 11 million people in the UK with some form of hearing loss – 1 in 6 of the population, including 4 million people who wear hearing aids. In particular hearing loss affects the elderly, often shying away from the simple enjoyment of the television due to the inability to hear it. However, a simple Assistive Listening device means watching TV or listening to favourite music and radio programmes can become a pleasure again.

Just turning the volume up isn’t necessarily loud enough and often upsets others in the room. With the aid of Assistive Listening devices, sound can be significantly increased with the aid of unique amplifiers. One example is a personal amplifier that won’t affect the volume for everyone else. With the aid of specially designed wireless headphones, volume can be increased to an individual preferred level without affecting others in the room. If hearing aids are worn then the alternative option is a Bluetooth or Loop system that transmits the sound direct to hearing aids. This is a particularly effective solution cutting out surrounding noises. Tone control included with these devices boosts high frequency sounds making speech more intelligible too. Some sets have individual controls so sounds can be adjusted for each ear sometimes with a close proximity microphone that will ensure the user can still be a part of conversations going on around them.

For people who are listening on their own or want portability to listen in the garden or another room, a sound amplifier is a good choice, with a base connected directly to the sound source transmitting to a portable sound system that acts as a boom box.

Amplicomms, a specialist in assistive technology and renowned in this field, offer a variety of products with many solutions available depending on the requirements. We have taken a look at some of them, to help you make the right choices:

The amplicomms Bluetooth headsets will connect easily to any Bluetooth enabled device and amplify the sound up to 120dB’s using either a wireless headset (BTH1400) or a neck loop system (BTH1410-NL) for T Coil hearing aid users. This also features a built-in microphone for close proximity conversations.

The TV SoundBox is an amplified portable wireless speaker, ideal for the garden; it will bring sounds up close to you and amplify the volume up to 120dB, 30 metres away from the sound source.

The TV200 is a wireless ‘under the chin’ rechargeable headset for all levels of hearing loss, with its close proximity Mic you can be part of conversation in a press of a button. It is easy to use with any sound source and has adjustments to optimize sound quality to your specific hearing characteristics. The TV2500, a more advanced model, allows maneuverability throughout your home without losing signal, with a Digital Optical connection it is a top performer.

There is no reason to compromise. These simple solutions will enhance the listening of favourite music, TV and radio programmes, hearing every word loud and clear. Hear the world, enjoy sound and be a part of the conversation.

The products mentioned are available from: http://www.amplicommsonline.co.uk or Tel: 01737 247571


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