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Encompass – eZone Alert System

Encompass Technology is a designer, manufacturer and developer of high quality solutions to the care industry. With more than 20 years experience of distributing other manufacturer’s products and listening to customers unfulfilled needs, a completely new system was designed based on those requirements.

eZone is a real time RFID solution unlike any other comparably placed system currently available. Using RFID technology and custom software, eZone provides everything that a conventional nurse call system does and more…lots more!

What’s different? Simplicity!

Multiple call levels: call, assist, emergency, fall, panic, wet bed, chair, en-suite, pull cord, door, epilepsy, you name it and you can have it but only a single button to press – not 2, 3, 4 or 5, not a choice of various coloured buttons, avoiding staff confusion, requiring minimal training and ensuring fast adoption by temporary or bank staff.
eZone has been developed with simplicity in mind – the system is quick to install and extremely easy to use

eZone Staff & Patient Location

• Staff location, all day, all night…automatically! No buttons to press, no logging in and forgetting to log out or not logging in at all. All activity is stored and recorded for audit trail and reporting. No more manual checklists or completing forms at the end of a shift. Patient location is just as easy – a fob press sends an alert which provides the client name and current location so staff don’t waste time looking for a client who is wandering.

eZone Fall Monitoring

• Fall monitoring is built in to every portable device as standard. It’s not an extra, its included because we were asked for it – repeatedly!

eZone Dementia & Wandering

• Each individual can be set with their own care profile and risk assessment. Alarms can be raised if they leave their room, if they leave a floor level, if they leave the building or approach an area of risk such as a kitchen or stairwell. There is no requirement for door contacts or bed monitor sensors. Should a confused client enter someone else’s room, an immediate alert is sent to staff so they can respond accordingly.

For further details visit www.safetysystemsdistribution.co.uk


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