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At E & S Home care, we are specialists in providing mobile hardware solutions including airtime to the healthcare sector.  In our search to find a company to partner with we found I Care Health, one of the leading software companies for the health care sector.

Their software is second to none for domiciliary care, and working with ourselves we have been able to complete the package by including a hardware solution which is designed for your sector.  We are able to split the costs down into smaller monthly and more manageable amounts but give you access to everything from day one.  Perhaps as important with our help we will provide the hardware fully setup, with hard cases, extra screen fronts, car chargers etc.  We know what it takes time wise to set up, run and manage your hardware and we are experts at helping you do that as painlessly as possible

For further information Tel: 01270 536 918 or visit www.eandshomecare.co.uk


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