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Direct Debit for Care Homes

EazipaySuccessful Care Homes are built on the concept of maximising the efficiency of every part of the business. This is never more important than in the collection of care fees from clients and the method you use to collect regular payments and monthly fees will make a big difference on your time, resources and finances.

Direct Debit guarantees income dates and improves cash flow. It’s reliable, it’s secure and it puts you in control.

Eazipay has been working with organisations in the Care Home sector for over five years and we’ve developed an enviable reputation for our reliability, responsiveness and the highest levels of customer service.

Whenever you contact Eazipay, you will be treated with respect and courtesy by staff who are both understanding and committed to giving you the best service we possibly can. We set the customer service bar high and when we feel we have reached it we set it a little higher.

To find out more about how Eazipay can help your Care Home visit: www.eazipay.co.uk


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