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Delivering Safe Water in Public Places

Water, essential for hygiene, can also be a source of infection if its quality is not controlled. The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) recommend that hot and cold water systems in all buildings open to the public should be monitored for Legionella, including hotels, student accommodation, campsites etc., and not just healthcare facilities.

The HSE Approved Code of Practice and Guidance document L8 states that duty holders should: identify and assess sources of risk of exposure to Legionella; put in place precautions to prevent or control that risk; and monitor these measures to ensure that they remain effective. If contamination occurs, point-of-use filters should be used as a temporary control measure until a permanent, safe solution is put in place.

Now fully WRAS approved, DELABIE’s range of anti-bacterial BIOFIL point-of-use filters can provide peace of mind if an outbreak is identified. Featuring innovative, hollow-fibre membrane technology to micro-filter the water, BIOFIL filters have a larger filtration surface for increased volumes of water, better resistance to clogging, and a very compact filter.

BIOFIL filters have been subjected to the bacterial retention test in accordance with ASTM F838, and they have a sterilising grade of 0.1μm absolute-rated.

The range consists of sterile and non-sterile antibacterial cartridges and shower heads as well as spout filters, the only ones available on the market. The spouts are also available in sterile and non-sterile versions and can be fitted to all DELABIE’s mixers with removable BIOCLIP spouts. All DELABIE’s filters have a maximum lifespan of 62 days.

For further details call 01491 824449 or visit www.delabie.co.uk


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