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Delabie’s Tilting Mirror With Long, Ergonomic Lever

To complement its wide selection of grab bars, shower seats and accessories, DELABIE has added a new, tilting mirror to its offering of products designed for people with reduced mobility. This new, ergonomic and stylish mirror is easy to install.

Ergonomics and safety

An adapted product must be easy to use and handle. DELABIE’s tilting mirror has a long handle so that people in wheelchairs or in a seated position can easily reach the lever and adjust the mirror as required. For additional comfort, it is possible to tilt the mirror up to 20 degrees. The lever design is ergonomic, adapting perfectly to the shape of the hand. For maximum user safety, the mirror is made from toughened 6mm safety glass with rounded corners.

Easy to install

The mirror is very quick and easy to install via a simple clip system. To prevent theft, a major concern in public places, the mirror features has an anti-theft device.


DELABIE’s tilting mirror has a sleek design, composed of only the essentials: the mirror and its lever.

It is also available with a tab handle in three finishes: bright polished chrome, satin finish chrome and white Nylon to coordinate with any style or type of material.

For further information, please visit www.delabie.co.uk


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