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David Cameron’s Speech On The NHS And His Comments On Caring For The Elderly With Dignity

In response to David Cameron’s speech on the NHS and his comments on caring for the elderly with dignity, Simon Bottery, Director of Policy and External Relations at Independent Age, said:

“We welcome David Cameron’s first big speech since the election focusing on enhancing the NHS.  Older people are the main users of NHS services and the numbers of over 65s is set to grow rapidly in coming years.   However, there is a real risk that while promoting high-profile improvements in the NHS, the government overlooks the existing crisis in care and support for the elderly, which has been heavily cut back in the last five years. Already Conservative councils have called for these services to be protected from any further waves of austerity. Support at home for the frail and elderly may not be as high-profile as a seven-day-a-week NHS, but it is just as important.”

About Independent Age:

Founded over 150 years ago, Independent Age is a growing charity helping older people across the UK and Ireland through the ‘ABC’ of advice, befriending and campaigning. We offer a free national telephone and email advice service focusing on social care, welfare benefits and befriending services. This is supported by our free Wise Guide series of practical handbooks, and wide range of printed guides and factsheets. We also provide on-the-ground, local support, provided by a network of over 1,500 volunteers offering one-to-one and group befriending.

For more information, visit our website www.independentage.org


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