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Creative Learning Solutions – Training Made Easy

Over the last two hundred years life expectancy has doubled within the UK, and now around 10 million of the population is aged over 65 years. Even greater population growth has been seen among those aged 85 years and over.

Unfortunately, these extra years are not necessarily ‘healthy’, and this has had a detrimental impact on the quality of life for some older people. The elderly are especially vulnerable when it comes to poor food safety, inadequate nutrition and the inclusion of potentially allergenic ingredients included in meals provided.

Food safety

Food poisoning can lead to gastroenteritis and dehydration, or potentially even more serious health problems such as septicaemia and kidney failure and can be serious for older people because they have a weaker immune system.


For most people, energy requirements decrease with advancing age. This is due to changes in body composition and partly because people become less active as they get older so getting the right balance of nutrients is essential.


A number of factors in the elderly contribute to their risk for developing allergic related conditions. These include frailty, coexisting medical problems, memory issues and use of multiple prescribed and non-prescribed medications.
There is a potential solution in the form of innovative online Training Programmes, developed by Creative Learning Solutions which allows staff to gain recognised certificates in Food Safety, Food Nutrition and Allergens Awareness without leaving the workplace quickly and effectively to a required standard and at a time which suits them.

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