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Choking is a ‘Constant Fear’ for Care Sector Workers – Quickly Respond with Dechoker

After returning from exhibiting their Anti-Chocking device at the recent Care Show, the makers of dechoker revealed that as well as being a constant fear within the care profession, 75% of choking deaths in 2016 were attributed to the over 60s

‘Inhalation and ingestion of food was by far the largest cause of choking deaths last year’ Said Matt Oakley of Dechoker UK. ‘Our customers in the Care Home and Nursing sector told us that meat was the most likely foodstuff to cause an obstruction.’

Contributing factors are the speed at which a choking incident can arise, the frequency of choking events and the issues surrounding how best to respond were all reasons given as concerns by the care sector.

‘Speed is all important when someone is choking as no oxygen is entering the body. This can lead to brain damage in around 10 minutes, or even trigger cardiac arrest.’

The dechoker is designed for a quick response and can be deployed within seconds. In certain circumstances it can be used when the patient is upright and seated which makes it particularly useful in certain environments where existing protocols may be difficult to administer.

Visit dechokeruk.com or call 0330 223 1320 for further details.


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