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Carers Generally Underestimate the Impact of Stroke

Stroke-Workshop-11Stroke is a major issue for the care sector, much bigger than many people realise. It can happen very suddenly and a person’s needs can change overnight. Estimates on the proportion of stroke survivors in care homes range between 25%-45%.

Older people are a group at particular risk as the chance of having a stroke doubles every decade after the age of 55. Knowing what to do when a stroke strikes can be the difference between life and death. The Stroke Association are experts in stroke and provide training and qualifications that give people working in caring roles the skills to understand this complex condition.

We have found that care staff generally underestimate the number of stroke survivors in their care, due to the hidden effects of stroke. We recently asked some carers, who were completing qualifications with us, how many stroke survivors they looked after. After they completed their course they were asked again, and the number of stroke survivors increased by 44% – as the training had helped them to identify more of the complex effects a stroke can cause.

stroke-associationOur courses and qualifications are suitable for anyone working in the care industry. If you would like more information, please visit www.stroke.org.uk/training or call 01527 903911.


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