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Care Staff Turnover Can Be Reduced By Better Training And Staff Resources

The rising staff turnover in the care sector could be reduced by using online training and providing staff with better information resources, according to Wolters Kluwer.

Research conducted by the charity Skills for Care shows that of the 1.3 million people employed in the Care sector in 2015-16, an estimated 338,500 people left their jobs in that period, equivalent to 928 people every working day.

Justine Griffin, Care Segment Manager for Wolters Kluwer said: “Our own recent research amongst care providers has highlighted that staff are overwhelmed by the amount of Care standards they need to comply with. What they need is training and guidance they can access at times that suit them, which is easy to use and targeted on the issues they face.

“Croner-i Care from Wolters Kluwer is a continuously updated practical toolkit of the latest policies, procedures and training that helps care providers make the most of the limited resources they have.

“In our experience, staff who are well trained and have the guidance they need, are more likely to stay with their employer which means lower turnover and better care outcomes.

Croner-i Care makes it easier for staff to give outstanding care, to see how we can support you and your team go to https://app.croneri.co.uk/ or call us on 0208 247 1405


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