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Care Home Farm Trip Brings Back Memories For Resident Joyce

A FARM trip for elderly care home residents in Stockton on Tees brought back old memories for Joyce Marsay.

The former farmer showed fellow residents how to milk a cow at visitor attraction Newham Grange Country Farm – the first time she has performed the task in over 60 years.

A new exhibition gives visitors the opportunity to experience milking a cow – despite there being no real dairy cows on the farm.

The simulation felt very familiar to Joyce, 96, however, who is now a resident at Ingleby Care Home, on Lamb Lane, Ingleby Barwick.

As a farmer’s daughter, Joyce used to help look after the family farm and tended to the animals on a daily basis.

She said: “It’s strange going to milk a cow after all these years. It felt very lifelike.”

Joyce was one of several residents from the care home to visit Newham Grange, in Middlesbrough, which has been a working farm since the 17th century.

In more recent times, it has turned into a popular visitor attraction, with a wide variety of animals on show, rides and other activities.

The residents fed and watched a Shetland pony, sheep and pigs, as well as more exotic animals such as wallabies and llamas.

Kirsty Walsh, activities coordinator at Ingleby Care Home, said: “While Coulby Newham is just outside Middlesbrough, it really feels like you’re way out in the countryside, on a proper farm.

“It’s great to know that lovely places like Newham Grange Country Farm are so close by for our residents to enjoy.”


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