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Can Digitalisation Help Sex Up The Social Care Sector?

IMG_9096Retaining and attracting care staff remains a key challenge for most providers. Meanwhile, the digitalisation of social care is still an area with a lot remaining to be seen.

How technology can help bump up a somewhat dated image is not too strange though. In the actual job, not many become nurses or carers to complete hours of paperwork. Some carers even describe shift start as going back in time, leaving their iPhones at check in. To see these replaced by binders and paper forms.

In this line of thinking, workplaces that offer valuable face-to-face time with the residents could see more applicants. Also, how would a proper digital environment influence on their satisfaction? If we are right in assuming that there is a connection, it may not be little.

Culture eats digitalisation for breakfast

Looking across the more than 130 implementations of digital care planning carried out by Sekoia, the biggest challenge seems to be culture. Why else wouldn’t sane operators head directly towards a digitalised solution?

Maybe spawned by lesser fortunate stories, some seem to think that social care is less tech savvy than other sectors. This is really not the case. Quite the contrary. What needs to be in place, are the right prerequisites. If these are missing any manager or staff member could feel shaky. In any sector.

Saving time whilst improving employee satisfaction

Efficiency and optimisation go hand in hand with staffs’ urge to digitalise. In this perspective, freeing up time for actual care work represents a treasure for the care businesses. Like Quinton House Nursing Home in Stratford-upon-Avon, where end of shift documentation has been reduced by 1,5 hours per carer per shift. A massive result achieved “going digital”.

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