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Call-to-Mind Can Give People with Dementia a Voice!

call-to-mindThe focus of this specially designed game is to get players talking about their preferences, their history, their opinions, and their hopes. It can really boost a player’s morale and confidence knowing someone is interested in them and that they and their thoughts really do matter.

Call-to-Mind was designed as a tool to use in care homes, and was shortlisted for “Dementia Product of the Year”. It is now in it’s 2nd edition and proven to be popular in hospitals, dementia cafés, day care centre, and at home.

Families and friends have found this a really effective game to play. It’s an entertaining way for different generations to be involved in the same activity and a great way to know new things about each other! Families and carers can find it difficult to think of new ways of spending quality time together and engaging a person with dementia. Playing Call-to-Mind is a great activity in itself, but by finding out more about a person’s likes and dislikes, it suggests other ways they may wish to spend their time.

It gets people talking and connecting.

For further information visit www.call-to-mind.com or Tel: 020 8088 0224


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