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Aid Call’s Wireless Nurse Call System Safety and Compliance
In today’s increasing litigious health care market, it is reassuring to know that Aid Call’s wireless nurse call system has a range of features which can help to protect you and your staff. These features not only help to support staff and residents but also to assist with meeting CQC regulations and audit and legislation checks.
The ‘Nurse Identification’ feature provides a permanent record and indicates which staff member attended the call. This allows you to track attendance to resident’s calls and monitor individual staff activity. It also provided a record of which member of staff is answering a call and when – which is particularly beneficial for night shifts, when staffing levels are often lower.
Aid Call’s Nurse Call systems also provide a complete audit trail of all resident’s events, including notification of the nurse in attendance. This allows care home managers to gain greater clarity and accountability of staff’s actions should this be required.
It also features a ‘Reminders’ feature which can be programed by staff to automatically activate at pre-set intervals for use in the monitoring of nightly checks or to assist with timed medication. It can also work alongside individual’s care plans and provide alerts such as nil by mouth notifications.
Aid Call’s system offers unrivalled, reliable and fast communication of information from resident to staff member and is designed to be easy and efficient to use, so that staff are free to maximise their time on their primary duties.
Aid Call’s nurse call system supports over 100,000 residents nationwide and is safe, reliable, simple to use and affordable. The system can be tailored to meet your current requirements and budget and because the system uses wireless technology, it’s easier to install. It can be easily added to and extended in the future as your needs or budget increase or the care home environment changes.
If you are looking for an effective, cost efficient monitoring system for your residents, Aid Call’s wireless system could revolutionise the way you manage your Nurse Call communications.

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