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Bio-Fresh Environmental

Bio-Fresh Environmental
Bio-Fresh Environmental

The Urine Off brand introduces a welcome solution to a common care home and nursing problem. Often accidents are cleaned up by quickly grabbing the nearest thing, resulting in reels of soggy paper towel or mountains of dirty bathroom towels that are messy and inconvenient to deal with afterwards.
A common practice is to press down on the towels with the sole of your shoe which in turn spreads the contamination throughout the building when you walk away! Now you can use Zorb it Up Absorbent Sheets!
Impregnated with Zorb it Up technology, which turns liquid to gel, the sheets absorb incredible amounts of fluid including urine, vomit and diarrhoea. Simply lay the sheet over the mess and press down to ensure contact, leave until the liquid has been absorbed then pick up easily and hygienically.
The sheets have a plastic film backing which provides a sanitary barrier, ensuring that the soles of your shoes or your hands never come in contact with the contamination.
Zorb it Up is also available in a powder form which solidifies liquids into gel.

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Bio-Fresh Environmental


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